255+ Jobs Vacancies To Apply For During NYSC Asides Teaching  

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255+ Jobs Vacancies To Apply For During NYSC Asides Teaching

We have made a list of more than 200+ vacancies available in different States of the Nation and Including Application Links see the List below.

The NYSC program (National Youth Service Corps) was established by the Nigerian Government to make sure graduates also participate in the Nation Building process and also in the development of the Nation.

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NYSC Jobs Asides teaching that you can Apply for 2021/2022

There has been no existence of a military conscription in Nigeria, from 1973 things changed graduates of Different Higher Institutions which includes the universities and later Polytechnics participated in the NYSC one-year program. Which is referred to as National service year.

The first director General of the NYSC until 1975 was Ahmadu Ali.

See Below The Links to 255+ Jobs Vacancies To Apply For During NYSC Asides Teaching


Corps members participating in the scheme are being posted to another state other than their state where the come from which is their State of Origin.

Where people of different ethnic groups are being brought together to learn the culture of the indigenes in the state they are being allocated.

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Whats NYSC Green Card

This process is channeled at forging unity in the country and assisting the teaming youths appreciate the different ethnic groups.

There is usually an “orientation” period which is usually 3weeks every corps member is to spend in camp controlled by the military which is usually away from family, loved ones and friends. The camps are found in countries 36 states

Asides Teaching See 200+ Job vacancies to apply for during NYSC

Its’s not only teaching Job that is available during NYSC

  1. NYSC Corpers Recruitment at ICS Outsourcing
  2. NYSC Intern at eHealth4everyone – Abuja (FCT) & Lagos
  3. Graduate Trainee
  4. Subject Experts (Pre NYSC/NYSC/Internship) at AcademicianHelp
  5. Accountant (NYSC) at TeamAce Limited
  6. NYSC Intern Recruitment at Cyprus Cedar Interiors
  7. NYSC Graduate Trainee Recruitment at Nondera Energy Services Limited
  8. NYSC Intern Reporter at Mighty Media Plus Network Limited
  9. Junior Reconciliation Officer at Paga Nigeria
  10. NYSC Intern Recruitment at Waje Smart Solutions
  11. Telesales Executive (NYSC) at TeamAce Limited
  12. Submit CVs – New Recruitment at ICS Outsourcing (13 Positions)
  13. Receptionist / Floor Manager (NYSC) at Rockville and Co.
  14. Submit CVs – New Recruitment at ipNX Nigeria Limited (26 Positions)
  15. Submit CVs – New Recruitment at TeamAce Limited (18 Positions)
  16. Financial (Investment) Analyst
  17. Financial (Investment) Analyst at Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB)
  18. Financial (Investment) Analyst at Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB)
  19.  Graduate Trainee – Information Technology at Olam Nigeria Limited
  20.  Submit CVs – New Recruitment at Team Ace Limited (14 Positions)
  21.  Human resource officer
  22.  Associate Consultant at FBDS Nigeria
  23.  Graduate Internship Recruitment at Procter and Gamble
  24.  Investment Banking Intern at Asset and Equity Group
  25.  Exxon Mobil Graduate Internship Programme (Engineering / Geoscience) 2020
  26.  Exxon Mobil Graduate Internship Programme (Medical Science) 2020
  27.  NYSC Corper / Account IT at Oaklands and Johnson Limited
  28.  Human Resource Officer at Landover Company Limited
  29.  Lawyer (NYSC) at Apata & Ascott Limited
  30.  Graduate Account Assistant (NYSC) at Stable EPC Nigeria Limited
  31.  Global Graduate – Operations
  32.  Dufil Prima Foods Plc Graduate Trainee Programme 2020
  33.  NoemDek Limited Graduate Oil and Gas Internship Program 2021
  34.  Social Media Manager (NYSC)
  35.  Assistant Legal Adviser at Revolutionplus Property Development Company Limited – 2 Openings
  36.  Lawyer, Quality and Risk Management at KPMG Nigeria
  37.  NYSC Legal Associate at Quintessential de Baron Legal Practitioners
  38.  Knowledge, Client Insights and Portals at KPMG Nigeria
  39.  Account Assistant at Kuddy Cosmetics
  40.  Investment Banking Analyst at Union Capital Markets Limited (UCML)
  41.  Business Development Associate at LandWey Investment Limited
  42.  Account Assistant (NYSC) at Stable Epc Nigeria Limited
  43.  Office Support Staff (NYSC) at iRecharge Tech-Innovations Limited
  44.  Business support officer | 1-2 years experience
  45.  Freelancer at GentRoyal Koncepts
  46.  Accounts Assistant at Kuddy Cosmetics
  47.  Manager Invoicing & Payment Processing
  48.  Medical Health Records Officer at Smith Medical Centre
  49.  Accountant Graduate Trainee at Ladlas Prince Nigeria
  50.  Personal & Executive Assistant to the Managing Director at Redline Logistics Nigeria Limited
  51.  Pursuits Business Partner at KPMG Nigeria
  52.  Accountant at Aspom Travel Agency Limited
  53.  Graduate Trainee Recruitment at Ark Resources
  54.  Credit Collection Tele Support
  55.  Front Desk Officer (NYSC) at iRecharge Tech-Innovations Limited
  56.  Facility Management Assistant at Revolutionplus Property Development Company Limited
  57.  Senior Consultant at FBDS Nigeria
  58.  Graduate Architect at Oketola Adeniyi and Associates
  59.  Customer Service Representative at CashDrive
  60.  Technical & Sales Officer at Proten International – 4 Openings
  61.  IT Recruitment Officer / Analyst (Entry Level) at Growth in Value Alliance (GV Alliance) Partners
  62.  Receptionist at Strugz Nigeria
  63.  Talent Acquisition Executive at the Concept Group
  64.  Knowledge Analyst
  65.  Finance & Admin Officer at Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL)
  66.  Female Front Desk Representative at Digital Minilab World Nigeria Limited
  67.  Creative Officer at Gatatransport Limited
  68.  Human Resource Intern at HOR Logistics
  69.  Teacher Intern (NYSC Youth Corper) at British Preparatory School
  70.  Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) Legislative Internship Programme 2020
  71.  Graduate Management Trainee Recruitment (Lagos) at Food Concepts Plc
  72.  Reliance Care Officer at RelianceHMO
  73.  Sales / Recruitment Consultant (Intern) at Talenture Group
  74.  Building Technology Intern at Dutum Company Limited 

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    Why not sort these jobs by states? I am serving in ANAMBRA presently and i can’t seem to see states in these job opportunities.

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