Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic cutoff Mark For All courses 2021/2022

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Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic cutoff Mark For All courses 2021/2022

Akwapoly cutoff for all courses for 2021/2022 school year is out. All aspirants who made akwapoly their first choice of institution in Jamb. Then their score in the UTME exams will determine if they would be given admission to or not. So, candidates are advised to read their books with understanding so as to meet the akwapoly cutoff mark of the institution.

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Aspirants who attain the given cutoff marks are expected to proceed for the internal screening exercise conducted by the polytechnic and candidates are to bring with them all needed documents which includes a recent passport.

Schoolwhat team has out listed cutoff marks for all departments in this article

Candidates are encouraged to put in their best effort in their UTME exams in other to attain the said cutoff marks which automatically a higher Score will afford candidates more advantage getting selected for the institutions post-UME and also with getting admission while a lower score will lower the candidates’ chances in sitting for the post-Ume and also getting admission into the institutions.

Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic cutoff Mark For All courses 2021/2022

Also, a high score will not only get you an admission but candidates will gain admission into their course/Department of choice while a lower cutoff could at times gain you admission into course that you didn’t choose. Also, high score in the akwapoly internal screening test could be of a great advantage to people that didn’t score high in their UTME exams and also be of greater advantage too to people that already had a high score in their internal screening exercise.

Documents which will always be required from candidates by the akwapoly admission unit during screening exercise includes;

  • First thing first, the candidate must score at least the minimum cut off mark of department of choice which is recommended by the Joint Admission and matriculation Board (JAMB).
  • Candidates should have a minimum of 5 credits in their subjects including core subjects such as Mathematics and English and any other relevant subjects which relates to candidates’ course of study to be qualified to participate in post-ume test which will be conducted by akwapoly.
  • Also needed is original and followed with photocopies of the candidates JAMB result slip.
  • All original O’level certificates and documents are also required. Candidates should please be aware that awaiting results are not accepted by the institution.
  • Original copies of candidate’s birth certificate and birth declaration.
  • Also, Candidates should come with their recent passport photographs (Red Background)

Candidates either from UTME and Direct Entry who Made Akwapoly have been asking these questions relating to akwapoly cutoff mark for this particular this present academic year and its high time answers are being proffered by our team since it’s all related to akwapoly and it could also be among the few questions you might always want to ask. See the following FaQs below.

Check out Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic Cutoff for all Course 2021/2022

The official and recognized cutoff point by the Institution for all courses is tagged at 120 marks, hence, candidates who made up 120 above are qualified to sit for the akwapoly post-UTME and the school screening exercise. Candidates should know that the higher their score the higher their chances of being admitted into the institution.

Schoolwhat has put in much work to compile a comprehensive breakdown of the cutoff mark required by each department and it is compulsory every candidate must attain this score before he/she is allowed to partake in Akwa Ibom state polytechnic screening exercise for the 2021/2022.


Computer Science Department cutoff is 120(but scoring up to 180 is an added advantage
Hotel and Catering Management Department cutoff is 120
Department of Statistics Department cutoff is 120
Science Technology (ND) Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added advantage
Chemistry (HND) Department cutoff is 120
Bio-Chemistry (HND) Department cutoff is 120
Physics/Electronics (HND) Department cutoff is 120
Microbiology (HND) Department cutoff is 120
Biology (HND) Department cutoff is 120
Accountancy Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added advantage
Business Administration Department cutoff is 120
Office Technology & Management Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added advantage
Marking Department cutoff is 120
Banking and Finance Department cutoff is 120
Public Administration Department cutoff is 120
Legal Studies Department cutoff is 120
Arts and Design Department cutoff is 120
General Studies Department cutoff is 120
Mass Communication Department cutoff is 120
Civil Engineering Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added adv
Electrical/ Electronic Engineering Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added adv
Mechanical Engineering Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added adv
Architecture Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added adv
Building Technology Department cutoff is 120
Estate Managements Department cutoff is 120
Surveying and Geo-Informatics Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added advantage
Quantity Surveying Department cutoff is 120
Urban and regional planning Department cutoff is 120 scoring up to 180 is an added adv

FAQs About akwapoly cutoff mark and the right answers to them

  1. What is the official and present cutoff mark for Akwa-Ibom state polytechnic?

Ans. The official and current cutoff of Akwa Ibom state polytechnic is 120. Candidates who score 120 and above in their UTME is qualified for Akwapoly UTME screening Exercise.

  1. Does Akwapoly admit candidates who made Akwa Ibom state polytechnic their second or even third choice of institution?

Ans. Yes akwapoly accepts candidates who made akwapoly their second/third choice of


  1. Will akwapoly admit me if I score 149?

Ans. Yes Akwa Ibom state polytechnic will admit you since their UTME cutoff is 120, meaning even if you score above 120, you are still eligible and even at more advantage to candidates who scored 120.

  1. Will I be offered admission since I didn’t make Akwa Ibom state polytechnic as my choice of institution?

Ans. Yes, all you have to do is buy their admission form, like any candidate could purchase their screening form as long as you had 120 in your UTME exams.

  1. I scored 179 in Jamb but I did not choose akwapoly as my first choice but I made it a second choice, will I be given admission.

Ans. The answer to this question is very simple, since you’ve already scored above 120 which is the cutoff mark of the institution that makes you automatically qualified for admission not minding if you made them either second or third or even if you didn’t choose them as a choice of institution all you need do is purchase the screening form.

Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic cutoff Mark For All courses 2021/2022


  1. Can I change from my current choice of polytechnic to akwapoly since I have more than 120 in my jamb?

Ans, all what the candidate is expected to do is purchase a change of course form from JAMB which is usually N2,500 only. Candidates are to complete the necessary information and then submit. Candidates will be contacted when their change of course application is successful either through the email address used while registration or candidates can verify through JAMB CAPS.

  1. I am applying for Banking and finance in Akwa Ibom state polytechnic but I had credits all through my O’Level and my jamb score is 155, will I be offered admission?

Ans. Yes you are very much likely to be admitted because 150 is a good score which is above the institution’s official cutoff although departments in Akwa Ibom state university have their various cutoff which is listed on this article.

  1. Are indigenes of Akwa Ibom state also be considered for admission or are there slots available for indigenes of the state if I score below the cutoff mark?

Ans. The Akwa Ibom state polytechnic has it’s standard and there is no space of tribalism. The fixed or should we call it the official cutoff of the Institution is 120, therefore any candidate scoring below that is not eligible for admission not minding if you are an indigene of the state or even if the school is in your Local government of Origin.

  1. What is the cutoff mark for elect elect? (Electrical electronics Engineering)

Ans. Candidates who are aspiring for basically engineering course are encourage to put in their best to score higher at least 180 above in their Jamb exams so that when they institution are done with calculating the aggregate score candidates would stand a better chance of getting admitted into akwapoly.

  1. I scored a total of 176 in my Jamb can I still study engineering in akwapoly?

Ans. The first thing to do is to check if the Akwa Ibom state university has the particular engineering course you are seeking for. If they, have it then you are eligible but I would advice you change to a less competitive engineering department since a 176-jamb score might not be able to fetch you the admission in any Engineering department.

  1. I scored 150 in my JAMB, which of the science courses can I study? I am an indigene with my complete O’level?

Ans. It’s all dependent on the course since all science courses available in the institution has their individual cutoff mark but the difference in the cutoff mark wouldn’t be so obvious, it will just be a small gap from each other. And in such cases your admission would be determine by your post-Ume score.

  1. I have 150 as my JAMB score will I be given admission to study accounting in akwapoly?

Ans. Admission might be given to candidates but it cannot be into the department of Accounting. Since accounting is a professional course, it also requires a high JAMB Cutoff to be admitted into the Akwa Ibom State polytechnic to study Accounting.

  1. Does akwpoly accept transfer students from another polytechnic?

Ans. yes, the institution accepts transfer students from other polytechnic as long as they meet the requirement for transfer students.

  1. What is the cutoff mark for building technology in Akwa Ibom state Polytechnic?

Ans. With a score of 180+ in jamb candidates can proudly apply for building technology.

  1. What documents are my supposed to carry for akwapoly post UTME screening?

Ans. At he beginning of this article we already listed out the required documents candidates are supposed to go with for the Akwa Ibom state polytechnic screening which includes a pencil, A passport photograph, post UTME registration slip and other important documents.

  1. What is the cutoff mark of courses in Akwa Ibom state polytechnic?

Ans. The cutoff mark for all courses have been listed above in this article.

In fact, the probability of getting is not 100%, it’s only when candidates are done with the institutions internal screening exercise which will be to all candidates.

And only candidates were having successfully completed their screening exams and who has gotten the cutoff mark would be given admission automatically to study in the Akwa Ibom stae polytechnic

We have always made Akwa Ibom state polytechnic candidates to understand that scoring above institutions cutoff or even having 120 on the dot does not even guarantee your admission into the institution.


Please any questions or queries relating to Akwa-Ibom State Polytechnic cutoff marks should be submitted to the schoolwhat email for immediate response. And you can also drop a comment on the comment section.

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