Can I Apply For A Masters Degree Abroad Using HND Qualification?

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Can I Apply For A Masters Degree Abroad Using HND Qualification?

To apply for a master’s degree abroad with an HND is not an easy task compared to that of someone with a bachelor’s degree. Some countries will ask candidates with HND to go for a pre—master’s program before he/she can start their respective master’s program.

But the procedure for applying with an HND varies or should I say is dependent on the country especially when it comes to the U.S, here there is a bit of encouraging news for candidates with HND who wants to apply for a master’s degree program with HND to study overseas, there are just few updates you need to know about the process of applying for a master’s degree overseas.

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List of Schools That Accepts HND for Masters In The United States 

Surprisingly, United states of America is one of the few countries that accepts Candidates with HND to apply for master’s degree. Candidates are allowed to enroll for their master’s degree in different fields in some universities in the U.S with your HND certificate.

Moreover, countries like Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Canada, would require that you do a post-master’s course or get a certificate and also diploma program first.

Can I Apply For A Masters Degree Abroad Using HND Qualification?

Steps to take while applying for a Master’s degree program using HND certificate in a United States university

You would be surprised that some universities in the United States of America view the HND qualification of being the same as the bachelor’s degree, moreover there are conditions that comes with it.

To apply for a master’s degree using HND in the U.S. they institutions will consider your score in either GMAT/GRE with also IELTS/TOEFL. The following results will be considered and also with you work experience before they give you an unconditional offer.

Hint on how to apply for masters in the United State of America using an HND Certificate

For example, just like a first- and second-class grade gives candidates added advantage over candidates with lower grades to be given admission for master’s degree abroad, so if you have plans of getting a master degree abroad with HND then you must have an upper credit then you will stand a greater chance of getting admission to study in the United States even with your HND, you still need to level up with the requirements outlined on the school official webpage

Can I Apply For A Masters Degree Abroad Using HND Qualification?

Also, when planning to apply for master’s degree overseas with an HND, you will need to do some evaluation on your transcripts. Make sure to assess your HND and also OND transcripts and followed up with declaration either with WES or other assessing bodies. And also, your transcripts need to be forwarded to the world Evaluation Service (WES) via your school. There exist 3 types of assessments, which are under listed below:

Course Evaluation

Here this type of assessment reports, recognizes and portrays certificate and gives an equivalency to each record. It also shows times of schooling, courses, credit hrs. and one’s degree, with the same with general educational system as far as the instructive framework in the U.S or the country you are schooling in. And also note the united state only permits a standard G.P.A of 4.0 every semester.

Document Evaluation

This evaluation shows and checks educational credentials candidates have acquired in a foreign country via the Document Credential Evaluation Report though not every university in the U.S accept this type of evaluation exercise.

And lastly Equality Evaluation also known as the (Proficient Work Experience Evaluation)

Note: The expert work experience certification assessment is accommodated migration purposes most usually for those applying for H-1B visas in the United States.

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