Can I defer My NYSC Service to Next batch or Stream ?

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Can I defer My NYSC Service to Next batch or Stream ?

How To Defer NYSC To The Next Batch or Stream?

What Can I do if I have been mobilized but don’t want to serve yet ?

There are examples of some prospective corp members who have been mobilized but they don’t want to serve yet or should I say want to defer their NYSC. The question now is what must you do if you find yourself in such situation??


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What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

Assuming you’ve been called out for service for batch A but you prefer going with the batch B. what you do?  you may ask if it could affect your service year? Or will you be remobilized if you skip going with the batch you belong to?

And also you may want to know what could happen if you miss your supposed NYSC mobilization? Some may even ask if there exist penalties for deferring one’s NYSC year to next year.

Trust me schoolwhat team is ready to supply your needed answers to your questions and problems

Let’s start with this question I have Registered for NYSC But I don’t Want to Go with My Batch what can I do??

The best and smoothest way to differing of one’s service year is by not even registering for it not until you are sure and ready of going for it.

But if you’ve registered and you have already printed your Green Card then you have reached a mile stone and there’s no going back, then all you need do is just to wait for your mobilization.

Luck might just be on your side and your batch is sub-divided into two streams which is normally tagged Stream 1 and stream 2, then you will be so happy and lucky if your mobilization is scheduled for stream 2.

And let’s say luck is not on your side and you are being scheduled for the maybe batch a stream 1 which automatically means you belong to the batch that will go in first, then you will ask is there any possibilities of deferring to stream 2 or the maybe the next batch??

Can I defer My NYSC Service to Next batch or Stream ?

Can I Defer My NYSC If I Am Mobilized?

Yes, you can defer your NYSC even if you’re being mobilized It’s very possible to defer.

In order to achieve this, you just won’t go camping for the batch you’re mobilized with a particular batch.

It’s nothing to get all worried about example a nursing mother  who just delivered, after she is mobilized, is not expected to go for camping and also an individual who fell very sick after being mobilized is not expected in camp as well.

Not just the few reasons listed there are a thousand and one reasons you may choose not to go to NYSC after being mobilized.

And you don’t have to write an official letter to state your reasons for not being in camp. NYSC has such, made provisions for people of that sort without having to be afraid of being penalized.

So, what must you do? Thinking of not printing the call-up letter? Do one have to register again for NYC in the next year or desired batch?

You are left with the alternatives of either printing out your green card or you could still allow it be online. The only thing you have to do is making sure you don’t go to the NYSC camp.

Can I defer My NYSC Service to Next batch or Stream ?

When registration for the next batch begins and you are ok to go, all you have to is visit your NYSC dashboard and then revalidate instead of beginning a fresh registration for NYSC. The revalidation option is always beside the fresh NYSC registration option

You will have to login and after clicking on Revalidation button and you will be directed to your dash board there by you will be guided down to the last registration stage of NYSC.

This the level where you are presented with 4 states and you will have to pick your intended states over again. You have the privilege of picking new set of states if you so desire to change or still go with the previous choice of state.

Thereafter click on submit, when the new batch are being mobilized, automatically you will be also mobilized with the batch without any queries awaiting you in camp or from the NYSC head office.

Know this also deferring NYSC to the next Stream do Not Work All the time

This also is very attenable but luck Is not always guaranteed all the time.

Let’s bring it down a little for easy understanding.

Musa is being mobilized for Batch B stream 1. And fails to go to camp hoping he will be mobilized with the 2nd stream.

Let’s show you where this formula can be effective and where it’s not effective
Remember that everyone who was mobilized for the first and second streams all did their registration at the same time.

They don’t have the alternative of splitting themselves into the different streams but that is only carried out by NYSC board who divides them into 2 streams, the first streams are given approval to print their letters of Mobilzation while the second stream has to keep calm till a fixed date, only then will they be able to print their letters of mobilization and thereafter move to camp.

But if the NYSC decides to open their registration portal for more schools to register their own students so as to allow them go with stream 2, then it means Musa will be favored, Immediately the portal for registration is opened Musa can also participate in the Revalidation process.

But if there exist no new neither an urgent opening of registration for schools before the stream 2 assigned date. Only then will Musa not be favored with that particular stream; he will then have to wait for batch and new registration begins   

Important Information:

With the decrease in the number of corps being mobilized currently due to the current covid-19 protocols, candidates that deferred their NYSC are still being mobilizes for the next streams automatically without having to doing a Revalidation

What If I am or will be Overaged Before the Next Batch/Stream?

In such a scenario which calls for close attention if I am or will or I am very close to 30yrs which is the age limit for NYSC. Will it or can it affect or hinder me from going for NYSC if I defer to the next batch or next stream?

Let’s take this for an example if Musa will be like 30yrs and maybe plus few months maybe 1-2 month by the upcoming batch but he desires to defer.

You know Musa at 30yrs with no extra months attached will still be going for NYSC with batch he was originally mobilized for. But what if he chooses to defer was the question being that he will be 30yrs+ if he does, will that affect his going for NYSC

The answer is a simple NO

NYSC works with age you were during your time of registration and mobilization; they do not have anything to do with the date of you going to camp or when you are posted.

In summary, when you are mobilized for NYSC at the recommended age and date, even if you defer your NYSC beyond the recommended age it won’t still stop you from leaving for NYSC

When once you are mobilized for service and for whatsoever cause, you didn’t make it to service and you ‘re above the recommended 30yrs of age, you are still eligible for service and will be given allowance to serve.

The same instance is also applied to people whose names have been sent to National Youth service Corps senate list but could be due to some unforeseen issue, you were delayed till when

The same is applicable to you if your name has been sent for NYSC in the senate list but due to some issues, you had to be delayed till you’re overaged.

In fact, during the registration for NYSC, you’ll find the year of your mobilization on the portal instead of the date/year at which you’re registering.

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