Different Aptitude Test Formats Used by Universities

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Different Aptitude Test Formats Used by Universities

There are different Kinds of aptitude Done. Below is the List of aptitude taken.

Different Aptitude Test Formats Used by Universities

  1. Numerical reasoning: This is a more technical assessment test that gives organizations that employs basic Information about a candidates overall Skills. The assessment test is used to know and find out if an individual is capable of dealing with numerical information in his or her daily business dealings.
  2. Verbal reasoning: Verbal reasoning is a test where candidates are provided with passages of a text followed 1 or more statements. It may be adopted to measure individuals understanding of written texts and also how to draw factual conclusions from a printed material.
  3. Situational Judgement: This test is a sort of apt test which its objectives and aims are to measure individuals understanding at a given task. It intensively and extensively analysis your steps in making the best approach to solving specific task. The contest is realistic/hypothetical. And individuals must identify the best and appropriate response.
  4. Logical reasoning: This is a kind of test are standardized psychometric analysis test and also a basic part of almost any analysis or assessment. The test provides the employing organization information concerning a potential candidate’s overall problem-solving capabilities and abilities.
  5. Inductive reasoning Test: this is actually one of the most regularly and commonly used apt test analysis used when applying for a Job. The test also known as cause and effect reasoning.
  6. Mechanical reasoning. These tests are usually targeted to assess and analysis the candidate’s depth of capabilities and competencies involving mech. Concepts. Such test are often used for works that require mech.Knowledge . visit This Link
  7. Diagrammatical reasoning tests. This particular test analysis candidates critical reasoning ability. This test is also known as an abstract reasoning test. It all about to what extent and how fast a candidate observes or extract rules from a given example/Illustration and how he applies them to a new project sample to get a correct answer.
  8. Spatial reasoning test: This test is also known as spatial awareness tests and can also be used to measure candidate’s innate ability to vividly and logically manipulate and remember shapes. Candidates might see a still image and are asked to extract archivable patterns that precise over their sequence or order mostly in 3D’s Format. Spatial test is widely used during assessment tests.
  9. Number Sequences: This Kind of test also known as number series test are basic and psychometric tests that gives employing cooperation with information concerning a potential candidate’s overall ability to logically and critically play with numbers. This test is often and commonly used as apt test but also for IQ analysis as well
  10. Syllogism Test: This is test are also standardized psychometric assessment test that provides the information about a candidates deductive and logical reasoning Skills.
  11. Watson Glaser Critical test: This test is a critical thinking test also known as the critical reasoning test. And it’s commonly and widely used by higher institutions as their apt test. And also used during Job interviews. It helps to forecast and understand how to solve various problems.

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