How Can I Reduce My Date Of Birth for NYSC ?

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How Can I Reduce My Date Of Birth for NYSC ?

How to Reduce Age for NYSC And Make Correction in Your Date of birth or If Over-Aged?

Let’s discus on how you can reduce your age for NYSC and also how you can make corrections on your date of birth if there exist any error which you submitted to NYSC. This has always been a disturbing issue for graduates who thinks they won’t go for NYSC since they are above 30yrs of age.

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Can I defer My NYSC Service to Next batch or Stream ?

What this means is that you won’t be mobilized if you are 30yrs on the dot but if you are a day older than 30 you will be automatically exempted. But if by year of birth you clock 30 but lower than that by a day means you are eligible to go for NYSC.

In a scenario where you registered for NYSC even before you clicked 30yrs maybe due to school clearance issues, illness and many other tangible reasons you could not leave for NYSC Camp.

And now you are above 30 0r even 31, you will still be going for camping with the Next batch. The only date of birth recognized is the date you imputed during the time you registered in which you weren’t up to 30 as at then.

Can I change my date of birth before NYSC registration?

NYSC as a body has two of your well detailed documents with them which is the JAMB records and your institutions records with them. NYSC Body uses these records available to them to get some Necessary Bio-data automatically send to their portal for registration.

Thus, you are not allowed or given the privilege to change your date of birth while completing the online form.

How Can I Reduce My Date Of Birth for NYSC ?

Let’s Take a glance at some occasions that may demand for reviewing and editing and even reducing your date of Birth for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

How can I correct my date of birth?

Error in the Date of Birth even within the needed age Limit (Tagged @30yrs)

If you get to find out a mistake in your date of birth the next thing that come to your mind is How can I correct my date of birth? A typical example could be or lets just assume your date of birth is 23/08/1999 but you are seeing 25/08/1999 and also you date of birth could be on the 29/05/1998 rather you are seeing 29/09/1998 or we could say your age is 23/08/1997 but you are seeing 23/08/1998.


How Can I Reduce My Date Of Birth for NYSC ?

Then there is definitely no cause for alarm then there is no need to worry about this question How can I correct my date of birth? Reasons being, since you are still below the age limit of 30yrs given by the NYSC. The mistake is just in the date, month or year.

It literally will not affect you in anyway since NYSC will not be requiring your date of birth for anything rather than for mobilization registration purposes. Just so you know Your date of birth won’t be included in your NYSC certificate neither will any other official NYSC certificate carry it.

Thus, there is no cause to panic or think about anything. Just stay calm and continue with your NYSC.

How Can I Reduce My Date Of Birth for NYSC ?

Birth Date Error but Outside the Age Limit of 30yrs

We earlier discussed Error in the Date of Birth even within the needed age Limit? Now let’s discuss Birth Date Error but Outside the Age Limit of 30yrs.

These errors can be from JAMB birth date errors/Mistakes or even from the senate list errors from school.

fortunately, these takes place before NYSC Mobilization registrations begins, you will be left with 3 alternatives which will be comprehensively discussed below. But before that how will you know if there have been mistakes in your date of birth/ you are above the recommended age?

Some of the institutions would upload their senate list to the institutions portal for graduating persons to go through before being forwarded to NYSC by doing this student should be able to crosscheck their names and other details making sure they are correct.

Possible Solutions to the Listed Problems

  1. Direct your queries to the appropriate Office: Example if your institution releases the Senate List on the portal and if after going through it you notice a discrepancy in the date of birth, make sure to lay complains to the appropriate office for corrections to be made and also you could react accordingly based on the instructions given on the school portal.
  2. Advantage of Jamb Regularization: Assuming you got admitted into the school through direct entry without Jamb and you are required which is always the case to complete your JAMB regularization, this is one great opportunity you wouldn’t want to misuse…This process gives you the advantage use the right birth date or even Change it to the age which is within the recommended age limit. You might Ask what’s Jamb Regularization ? the whole process is just like registering for Jamb after graduating. This is Just the opportunity you could grab to make things right. Note this is only available to those who gained admission into an Institution and not through Jamb.
  3. How to Change Date of birth on the NYSC Portal: One can also make use of the recommended Change of birth date method. Which you are expected to follow once mobilization registration is finished. The portal for will automatically open for you immediately you complete your NYSC registration online. They will be laid out instructions which you are expected and it’s mandatory you follow the procedures to help work on your birth date on the NYSC Portal.

Can I change my age if I’m above 30yrs?

Every Scenario always has its remedy so if you are above 30yrs of age don’t panic although it’s a very difficult spot to find yourself. I’ll list out few alternatives which might word. Since NYSC has the option of using the date of birth provided on your JAMB result or they could also choose to use your details submitted by your school which is called the Senate List.

You have the option of using the solutions provided above.

Your Institution can also assist you to effect changes to the details before sending the List to NYSC. But this process has to completed long even NYSC begins it’s Online Registrations.

Note that you shouldn’t Use the NYSC recommended change of birth method provided which is the last alternative on the list since you are truly above the age required because your WAEC or any other result carries the same age.

Best of luck.

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