How Many Campuses/Departments Does UNN have?

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How Many Campuses/Departments Does UNN have?

The prestigious university of Nigeria Nsukka is federal university meaning it’s owned and Managed by the Federal Government. It’s Located in Enugu State, Nigeria. The Institution is popularly called UNN, founded by Late Nnamdi Azikiwe (Governor General of Nigeria in 1955 and officially begun operations in 1960.

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The university (UNN) has 102 academic departments across the 15 faculties available and undertakes 82 undergraduate programmes and also undertakes 211 postgraduate programmes for a population of more than 36,000 students.

It has approximately four campuses: The Nsukka Campus; The Enugu campus (UNEC); University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Campus, located in Ituku-Ozalla and Finally the University of Nigeria Aba campus (UNAC). There exist the UNN Business School.

The Nsukka campus consist of the following faculties: The Faculty of agriculture, the faculty of arts, The biological sciences faculty, the faculty of education, the faculty engineering, pharmaceutical sciences faculty, the faculty of physical sciences, the social sciences faculty, and the faculty of veterinary medicine.

Nsukka campus

Former Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology (UNEC) Campus, consist of the following faculties: The faculty of business administration, the faculty of environmental studies, law and medical sciences faculties respectively.

UNEC) Campus


How Many Campuses/Departments Does UNN have?

The teaching hospital Campus (UNTH) Consist of the faculty of dentistry and the faculty of health sciences and technology. Lastly, we have the Aba campus (UNAC) which is the site allocated to the Institute of Nigerian Languages.


Research is currently undergone throughout the institute for African studies, also going on education, they have research also in progress on developmental studies, postgraduate studies including herbal medicine still in the pipe-line and finally drugs research and development. They institute have also set up centers to study the climate change, space science and also energy research.

The university of Nigeria also has the Roar Nigeria Hub located at their main site. The Hub is a Joint private venture initiative involving two of the university’s engineering students. Its aim is to foster entrepreneurial activity among UNN students and faculties, investing in profitable student-led ideas, and to help also to link academia, the outside world and industry.

The university of Nigeria (UNN) has produced a lot of prominent personality in the country. Their alumni consist of well renowned politicians occupying various offices, such as state governors within the country as well as senators and ministers in the country and abroad.

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