How To Apply For NYSC Concessional Posting.

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How To Apply For NYSC Concessional Posting.

How To Apply For NYSC Concessional Posting.
NYSC: Have You Heard About NYSC Concessional Posting Before? This is What It Means.
Ever wondered what an NYSC Concessional posting is all about? Well this is what it means, read this post and enlighten yourself. Before you proceed, Make sure you click the subscribe button above and subscribe to this blog so that you will see my next interesting article.
What is NYSC Concessional Posting?
Well, It is a kind of posting that  specifically allows married female youth corp members to go for their one year  service in the state their husbands are working or living. Apart from married graduates, another basis for obtaining an NYSC concessional Posting is on health ground, but in this article, I will focus on marital ground.
How to Apply For NYSC Concessional Posting
Before applying for an NYSC concessional Posting, there are some relevant documents you are required to upload. The Required Documents Are:
1. Your Marriage Certificate
This is the certificate you signed on the day of your marriage.
2. Evidence of Name Changing
The evidence of name changing is another important thing that will be required from you during your concessional Posting Application Process. The acceptable format is the Newspaper Change of Name and the new name must correspond with the name on your marriage certificate.
3. The Identity of your Husband
The next document that will be required is the Identity of your husband. This can be done by providing either the National ID card, Drivers license or International Passport of your husband. Do not make any mistake and don’t give fake ID.
4. Your Husband’s Residential Address Evidence
This can be any of your husband’s utility bill such as Electricity bill, but it must have the same address as the one on his national ID card.
5. Letter from Husband’s Employee
If your husband is working in a company or any organisation, then this is very mandatory. On the Other hand, if he is self employed, he should go ahead and draft a letter and sign by himself. This can serve the purpose.
To this end, my dear ardent readers, Remember that the application for NYSC Concessional posting on Marital ground basis is open for all females married PCMs who may wish to stay together with her husband during the one year mandatory service to the nation.
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