How to Change Your Place of Primary Assignment PPA

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How to Change Your Place of Primary Assignment PPA

NYSC: How to Change Your Place of Primary Assignment PPA.
Hello Readers, In my previous article, I discussed about how to successfully get an NYSC Concessional posting. In today’s article, I will focus oh the possible way of changing your NYSC PPA.
What’s NYSC PPA?
PPA is just an abbreviation for the Place of Primary Assignment. In a very simple term, PPA is the place that Corp members are posted to go and discharge their duty. It may be a School, Organization, Industry etc.
Why do people try changing their PPA?
Well, for some reasons, you may actually want to change your place of Primary assignment. It could be because of  insecurities or just a personal reason. Many people don’t like teaching. So if they are posted to a school, this can be the reason he or she may look for a change in PPA.
NOTE: Changing of PPA is not guaranteed, it’s just something you try out, if it works, you enjoy, but actually many people have applied this tips I’m about to share with you and it worked for them.
Let’s Start Using OKON as a Case Study:
Okon got deployed to Ogun state and his PPA was a school where he is required to teach.
Okon had always wanted to work in an industry instead of a school. For Okon to change his PPA, he has to visit the industry he wishes to work and collect a REQUEST LETTER from them.
After Okon had collected the Request Letter, he is required to go back to the school he was posted to teach and request for a Rejection. Here, he has to really beg them to reject him. If peradventure, the school refuses to reject him, that will be the end of the journey towards changing his PPA.
On the other hand, if the school rejects him, then he is required to carry the rejection letter to the NYSC Secretariat of that state, (Ogun State in this case) for a reposting of PPA.
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