How to Do NYSC correction of Name

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How to Do NYSC correction of Name

How to Do NYSC correction of Name.

Hello mates, Ever wonder what to do if you see your name wrongly spelt in the NYSC list? You don’t have to worry anymore because in this article, you will read on how to make corrections to the misspelt name. Before you read this article below, I want you use few seconds to click on the Follow button above and follow me in order to see my next interesting article.

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If your name is wrongly spelt, there are chances that you will not be registered into the NYSC camp. Apart from that, a wrongly spelt name can lead to errors on your NYSC discharge certificate which can affect you thereafter. Therefore it is important to ensure that the name appearing on the NYSC dashboard matches with the one on your Statement of Result.

How to Correct a Wrongly Spelt Name
To correct a misspelt name, affected Corp members are required to request for the correction of their names by first of all visiting the official NYSC portal through this link

Once they arrive the page, they are to login into their dashboard using the login details the already had. After the login, affected Corp members are required to click on the “Apply for Change of Name” button, this will open the next window through which all the corrections can be made. After making the corrections, they are advised to print out the corrected version and take it to their Institution of study for the Students Affair Officer to see the changes, endorse it and finally forward it back to the National Youth Service Corp board for further actions.

For further Enquiries, Prospective Corp members are advised to call the numbers below based on where they are living.

North Central – 08092142614
North East – 08102790538
North West – 08092142661
South East – 09038034460
South West – 07019190810
South South – 08083201856

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