How To Do NYSC Monthly Clearance

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How To Do NYSC Monthly Clearance

Before a corp member will receive their monthly allowance, corp members must do a monthly clearance. Which is always done or carried out at local government secretariat where the local inspector office is located. The monthly clearance main purpose is to mark a particular register while you are currently and have nor left.

This clearance is programmed for the duration of good 10days. It starts from the very first day of a new month till the last day for a set of Corp members.

There could be disruption of clearance which is scheduled when the Local inspector go the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp. Days are usually specified by some for that particular period.

A typical example is some Local Inspector do specify that clearance is usually done by CDS days. So, if the day for your CDS is usually on Mondays, then automatically your monthly clearance will always be the 1st Monday of every month. Others uses batch and stream. That day is always a work free day from your PPA.

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There are two basic type of monthly clearance

We have the first which is the manual clearance; which is practiced many parts of Nigeria. And secondly, we have the biometric clearance which is currently undergoing test in Lagos state and few selected states in the country. Notwithstanding, both should show on your NYSC dashboard at the end of the day.

The Manual Clearance Method

Before clearance day approaches make sure to reach out to your place of primary assignment (PPA) to obtain your clearance letter.

The process usually takes a different shape which differs from PPA. Some may require your unit head signature before the HOD (Head of Department). The letter must come with the letter head of the company in a colored format.

How To Do NYSC Monthly Clearance

The needed information before obtaining the clearance letter is your name, state code and batch you belong to.  Also, the month should also be the current month. If you about doing monthly clearance for November, thus the month on the clearance letter should carry November.

Move to the Local Inspector office the day that’s intended for you to carry out your monthly clearance. In the morning, people who are working at office of the local Inspector would have brought out all the files of that group.

They files brought out are those submitted when you were documenting. Find your file. You can duplicate a copy if you choose to.


Perforate a hole on the clearance letter. Put the clearance letter at the back of the file. Then go to your Local Inspector with your file.

Reach your Local Inspector office, wait in queue,

until it’s reaches your turn then show your personal NYSC identity card. Give the Local Inspector your file. After due and thorough cross examination, your Local Inspector will put down his signature at the front of the file.

Provide your details which includes the name and state code. Afterwards take the file and return it to your CDS group. You can go home.

The Biometric Clearance Method

Go to your Local Inspector with your clearance letter. Look for your file among the pile. Make a a whole with your Perforator.

Then return them to the back of your file. Then submit it back to your local Inspector. After thorough examination, your thumbprint would be needed.

The thumbprint would bring out your details anytime requested for. You can then return the file to your respective CDS group.  Then return to your humble aboard

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How To Do NYSC Monthly Clearance

Clearance Without PPA

You can as well do your monthly clearance even when you still waiting for PPA. Some Corp members who have because of not possessing PPA. Such a Corp member cannot and will not obtain a clearance letter.

Such cases require you heading to your Local Inspector with the letter of rejection and your posting letter. Your local Inspector will then sign on your posting letter.

You have to write down your name, if the center doesn’t make use of biometric screening. But if the make use of it, all you would have to do is thumbprint.

But since the Corp member does not yet have a file, all the local Inspector needs to do is to keep it in a safe place. But it cannot be added to your file after documentation.

Note: Your internet connection at all time should be enabled so as to enable you check your dashboard for local government clearance. And make sure that your month clearance changes from absent to present before the end of the day. Make sure to complain to your local inspector if the status didn’t change.

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