How To Gain Admission Into Universities Outside Nigeria?

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How To Gain Admission Into Universities Outside Nigeria?

Gaining admission outside of Nigeria is of a better advantage. It helps you become more exposed to other areas in your field, gives you a much deeper insight on both the practical aspect of your filed. This will automatically boost your Self-confidence and give you a feel of achievement especially for some whose dreams has always been to study abroad from childhood. More

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Dare to push for a change and make sure not make that dream and aspiration go down the drain. And remember change is the only thing constant. At the end you will be happy you took the bold step.

For Some years now, questions have come from folks across the nation enquiring for guidance on How To Gain Admission In Universities Outside Nigeria? had to take out time to provide answers to these important question so as to help our readers attain their dreams and make it come to reality.

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First thing first!

  1. Send an application letter to the university of your choice from among the other universities
  2. Make sure to provide the needed information carefully and very importantly never give false information about yourself. Any perceived error will automatically disqualify you from getting the admission you so desire for.

Majority of the applications are done online. Since it’s not possible to establish their sub offices in all regions of the Nation’s, only few universities have their sub offices by which you can visit to get more information.

You should note that each of these universities has its own fee charge for application which is usually within the range of $20.00 to $150.00 each and also their admission requirements vary. Without further ado below are some basic admission requirements:

Admission requirements:

  1. TOEFL Score
  2. SAT or GRE/GMAT Score
  3. Your High School Transcripts or University Transcripts
  4. Your WAEC result
  5. Bank Statement within the last 6 months (either from you or your guarantor)
  6. Recommendation Letter
  7. And Other certificates received
  8. Make Sure to Submit your application letters before the given deadline although most deadlines are usually moved over. Make sure you are well and fully prepared for the upcoming examinations. Read as if it’s a Do or Die affair, concentrate and stay focused. The examination score won’t be sent by you to the school, but the exams body will be the ones to forward it directly to your selected School.

4.Fill In the school you would like to get your scores i.e your school of choice. On the exam’s day of the (Gre/GMAT) or in the registration form. When also sending your waec result, and also never forget to attach a scratch card which would be used to ascertain your waec result from waec’s website.

  1. After receiving your admission letter added with another given forms from the school, the next thing to do is to make payment of the service fee and begin preparation towards the visa Interview.


(Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Is the web-accessible database used in monitoring information about exchange visitors, Students from outside the country, and also scholars who are subject to this program.

This unit was founded by the department of homeland Security in the U.S. And it is administered by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program with SEVP as its acronym.


The service fee is compulsory to every foreign Nationals who flew into the U.S(United States) so as to serve the purpose of pursuing a full course of study.

  1. Proceed to applying for your visa after you might have paid the service fee. Which is usually paid to any Guranty Trust Bank (GTB) branch if you are based in Nigeria and the amount is N26,400.00 only
  2.  Complete the DS-160 Form at once and Book a visa Interview

When done with the payment of both Sevis and Visa charges, then proceed to complete the DS-160 form online. Next thing is to create your personal user I.D with an Email and password. After making sure you’ve completed all pages of the form make sure to print out the confirmation page.

I. The take the print out of the confirmation page to the United States Embassy at any branch in Nigeria. I.e. for people applying in Nigeria. After Completing the DS-160 form, be sure to book a visa interview date which is normally booked online and also remember to attend the Interview at the given date.

ii. Some universities may demand a result of the test on your medical fitness. As a proof that you will be able to undertake the course. And be sure to provide that when requested for.

iii. You will have the privilege of selecting either the United States Embassy in Lagos or at Abuja and also enjoying the privilege of choosing the pick-up point of the pass point if you’ve successfully gotten a VISA   Read More



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