How To Get NYSC Evaluation Letter

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NYSC Evaluation Letter: How Long Does It takes to get it?
How To Get NYSC Evaluation Letter.
Hello guys, in my previous post, I discussed about how one can get an NYSC Exemption Certificate in Nigeria.   In this article, I will write on how one can actually get an NYSC evaluation letter and the duration it takes to get an NYSC evaluation letter. Remember in my previous I classified Graduates into two categories, the Foreign Trained Graduates and The Home Trained Graduates.
Evaluation Letter is a letter given to foreign graduates by the Ministry of Education telling that the institution and course the Foreign Graduate studied abroad are accredited by the Government of that Nation or Country.
This Letter will be needed during your NYSC Registration, and it is mandatory that all foreign Graduates must Upload it during NYSC Registration.
Obtaining the evaluation letter is very easy and fast, the average duration is two to three days, but in some cases, it can be shorter than that. All you need to do is to visit the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja with all the necessary documents and apply for it, sometimes a fee of NGN500 maybe charged. They will process it for you. Before you apply for this, ensure that the school you studied outside had been accredited and that the course you studied is also accredited. If you went to any school or studied any course that had not been accredited, there’s a possibility that you will be banned from going to the NYSC.

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