How to Get NYSC Exemption Certificate 

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How to get NYSC Exemption Certificate 
How to get NYSC Exemption Certificate
Hi guys, how are you doing? I hope you’ll are doing good. Yeah, if you’d ask me, I  would say I’m ‘fantabulous’…Lols.
Over the years, a lot of readers had swiped into my inbox, asking the same question; “How Can I Get NYSC exemption Letter?”
I have been addressing this issue on a person to person basis, but today I’ve decided to write on this topic and publish it so that everyone can benefit from it.
To start this, let’s get to know what the NYSC Exemption Letter means.
NYSC Exemption Letter is an Official Certificate given to people exempting them from the one year service to the Nation as a result of their Age or Position.
Category of People for NYSC Exemption Certificate
1. Applicants who are 30 years and above at the time of Graduation
2. People who had received the National Presidential Honours Award
3. People who joined the Armed Forces i.e Police, DSS, NIA, etc
4. It can also be given to part-time students.

Steps to obtain NYSC Exemption Certificate

The first step is for you to visit the institution you attended and inform them, the Institution will submits the list of their graduates to the NYSC Board. After this, the NYSC will generate a printout indicating those that will go for the service and those that will not go. The generated print-out is then sent back to the Institutions for final verifications and some corrections if any, and then sent back to the NYSC as a a final document. It is after this process that the CoE (Certificate of Exemption) is produced by the NYSC and given to the School to issue out to the right persons.
REMEMBER: There are two categories of graduates when talking about the collection of NYSC CoE, and the process differs accordingly. We have;
1. The Home Trained Graduates and
2. The Foreign Train Graduates.
It is worthy to note that the above procedure is applicable basically to the Home Trained Graduates.
For those who studied outside the country, i.e Foreign Trained Graduate, the individual have to apply to the NYSC Directorate Headquarters in Abuja.
The process starts with the assessment of credentials and other Relevant items like the Int’ll passport. After the assessment, the individual is required to register for the NYSC through the NYSC Directorate Headquarters in Abuja. It is through the Registration Process that it will be determined those that should be exempted, and the CoE will be issued out to those that are exempted via the same venue.
Alright guys, that’s all on how to get the NYSC Exemption Letter or Certificate. If this post has been of help to you, kindly share using any of the share buttons below.

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