How to pass Cambridge Certificate Examination

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How to pass Cambridge Certificate Examination

How to pass Cambridge Certificate Examination.

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In my previous article, I discussed on how to prepare and pass the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) aptitude test for job applicants and Scholarship seekers. In this article, I will focus on how to pass the Cambridge Examination at not less than one Sitting. Continue Reading

However, before I proceed, I would like to give a brief introduction of what the Cambridge Examination is all about.

What is the Cambridge Examination?

The Cambridge examination is a test that awards the First Certificate Examination (FCE) to successful candidates. This Certificate is usually issued by the University of Cambridge.

The purpose of the examination is to enable scholars improve on their English proficiency.
The FCE is an excellent qualification anyone can have because it is recognized by millions of universities, prospective employers and even governmental agencies globally.

The candidates of Cambridge FCE have five papers to sit for, which include; Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking.

How to pass the Cambridge Certificate Examination

1. Continuous Reading Practice:

Cambridge is a renowned Institution that is respected all over the world. Students who want to excel in any Examination that is organized by Cambridge needs to be above the average student. Adequate preparation is needed because all students will be tested on their reading abilities.

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So Applicants should ensure to prepare well by learning how to read and pronounce each English word very fluently and at a faster speed. The test covers comprehension reading in which candidates will be asked questions from the passage.

Candidates need not to spend too much time looking at a particular word, if peradventure you don’t know the meaning of any word, just keep on reading because you may likely guess the meaning from other words in the sentence.

Do reading practice at least thrice every day and always set a timer for yourself to test your reading speed. Materials you can read include; Past questions, Newspapers, magazines, etc.

During the examination, don’t spend too much time on a particular question. If you’re not too sure of the right answer to a question, just leave the question and move to the next, then after you’re done, you can come back to answer those ones you left behind.

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2. Learning how to write a constructive essay

In terms of writing skills, candidates should beforehand learn and know how to write correct and simple sentences, formal and informal letter, essay, etc. This is necessary because Applicants Writing skills will be tested. So before you go for the Examination, make sure you are well  acquainted with essay writing, letters writing (formal and informal), stories etc.

3. Studying your past question

This is essential for anyone who wants to excel in an Examination. Past questions will pre-exposed you to how the real examination will look like. So to excel in this Examination, candidates are advised to study their past questions daily.

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