How to Print Out Your NYSC Green Card

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How to Print Out Your NYSC Green Card

How to Print Out Your NYSC Green Card.
In my previous article, I did show you how to get an NYSC Exemption letter together with an Evaluation Letter. In today’s article, I will be writing on how to Successfully Print Out your NYSC Green Card via Online. After Registering for your NYSC, it is very important that you print out your Green Card. It Does not matter whether you’re exempted from going to service or not, Having your NYSC Green Card is Compulsory.

To start with, let’s briefly know what the Green Card Means.
A Green Card is the acknowledgment slip that confirms that an individual has successfully completed the NYSC mobilization registration, secondly, it is the document that shows that an individual has paid for his or her Call-up letter.
Eligibility for NYSC Green Card
This implies that it is only those individuals who have completed their Registration and also pay for the Call-up letter are eligible to have access to Green Card Printout.
If you’ve met the eligiblity Requirements stated above, then proceed to the next stage.
Application Steps for NYSC Green Card Printout
kindly follow this step by step approach to print out the Green Card:
First, Enter the official NYSC login page via this link
Once you open the Login page, Type in your email address and password i.e the details you used during the Registration Process. Then click on the LOG IN button, this will take you to your dashboard.
When you are taken to your dashboard, look at the top of the page, you will see the “print the green card” Option.
Click on the “print slip” button to download the Green Card, after downloading, use the PDF Reader app or Adobe Reader app that is installed on your Phone or Computer respectively to open the file, cross check it before finally printing it out using a color printer.
That’s all, you’re done!
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