How to Study Medicine Surgery Abroad

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How to Study Medicine Surgery Abroad

Medicine and Surgery is one of the most lucrative and sensitive courses in the Universities. However, it demands a lots of hard-work and dedication before someone is qualified to be called a Surgeon. Unfortunately, medicine courses are not easily available for Nigerian students due to some of the basic constraints such as; Lack of medical equipment by some Institutions, insufficient lecturers that can handle the course, among many others.

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This causes the students who would like to pick up interest in this area to change over to other science related fields. Another challenge in Nigeria is the concurrent strike actions by the Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU).

This is another constraint for students in Nigeria, in addition to the poor education system of the country. Worthy to state also is the fact that having access to a medical teacher could be very cumbersome because in Nigeria, it is not really what you know, but the connections you have and who you know that matters.

How to Study Medicine Surgery Abroad

Therefore, studying from outside the country becomes a better option for students who want to increase their knowledge and enhance their learning with the guides of best and qualified teachers abroad.

We are alive to the fact that studying abroad is quite expensive, however, one can get scholarship easily there. With thousands of scholarship programmes all over the internet, anyone who is well fitted and academically sound can get a scholarship from Nigeria and travel out to study Medicine and Surgery abroad.

Best Countries To Study Medicine And Surgery Abroad In 2021

The most preferred countries that African students Hain admission easily to study Medicine include; The United States of America, United Kingdom, China or Russia. These countries do award a two to three year free scholarships to eligible applicants, including free visa.

A brief summary of the expected fees in the absence of a scholarship;
Caribbean – $7,500
USA – $5,000
Russia – $5,000
Philippines – $3,000
Belarus – $4,500
Ukraine – $4,500
U.K. – $12,000
China – $6,000

Before applying to study Medicine and Surgery at any University abroad, ensure to be well kitted so that you can excel at the self assessment interview.

What Are The Things To Watch Out For Before Applying?

These include but not limited to;
Language abilities– which is very important. Here you are required to be good at both spoken and written English to enhance fluent communication.

Ensure to pick the right Medical School based on the area you want to focus. A lots of students do make mistakes by picking a wrong school. This can take an additional charges to be corrected or may even hinder you from getting admission.

Relevant Documents must be made available. This includes your traveling documents, residence documents, education documents, etc.

Your national Identity card will be needed.

Meet Education tests – before applying for a medicine degree, an applicants must have the essential education and/or awards/certificates.

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