How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

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How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

At times final year projects always seems so tough and at time it makes students tremble especially when it comes to writing and presenting it. But to be frank writing final year project topic isn’t that easy it’s always stressful, hectic, time consuming, needs money and most of all willingness.

That’s why we at schoolwhat  have taken out time to compile this specially for the final year brothers and sisters so as to enable them write their project for 2021-2022.

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This is also can also help workers in companies and organization who are asked to write report and also business owners also write project. In people in government also do project writing too the only difference is that their own type of project is being written in a different way.

This article only gives guidance on how to right an academic project for students in their finals and also for students who want to know before time of how they could write an academic project. This article explains from A-Z method of compiling a final year project.

This article was compiled by an expert who is vested in writing of Projects. So don’t be scared or confused about if we are showing you the right hint/guidance.

Be sure to follow the following guidance when about to write a project and especially if you want an A+

  1. Think of A good and scholarly Research topic.

Before any other thing, choose a topic: of cause without a topic, you can’t write a project just like you need a trigger to fire a gun, same do you need a project topic to begin a project and your topic must be affiliated to your field of study.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

For students who own a research topic already and is approved by his/her project supervisor can jump to the next guideline. While students who haven’t been successful in finding a topic or doesn’t know how to get one are requested to follow the article line by line.

Finding a project topic could seem hard and also easy depending on the approach you use. You could go check up on the older projects which was written and presented by your senior collogues, just ask them question to know if you can get their project sample to help you write your own.

Searching online for your project topic

You could also search for project topics online, for example students in communication arts should use search keywords like: Project Topics for communication arts department you could search using google scholar to get more scholarly topics not the type that would be rejected by your project supervisor.

Also, you could search for project topics for communication art PDF

  1. Download Several Scholarly Journals on Your Selected topic.

Having secured a project topic which, you have presented to your project supervisor and he/she has given approval for you to continue with it.

The next thing to do is to download journals on your approved topic, make sure to scan through the web to find good and scholarly journals and articles on your related topic.

Please make sure the article or journal you download is related to your approved topic because anything outside that would result in you writing outside your topic which would automatically make your project invalid and cancelled by your project supervisor.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

You should not only wait till you find the exact topic match with your approved topic at times you might not find the exact topic that is the same with yours but instead of searching the whole web all day and night, just look for topics that has some elements as your topic then you could proceed with using parts that are related to your project topic.

For instance, if given a project topic titled “Importance of Twitter on Students Academics” Students shouldn’t just go online and search for twitter alone but also students should also check on search engines for Social Media since twitter is like a branch of social media.

Hope that wasn’t so confusing? If you were, please do well to drop a question on the comment section to get answers and clarifications.

When you must have been done with that, you could also search for topics like the importance of social media like Facebook. Like you should only search for terms that are related to your topic.

After you must have conducted an extensive and intensive research on your topic, I’m sure you be able to understand and know what your topic is fully about and can lift works and use works from other sources and articles written by other individuals.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

Going about this means searching: “Project Topic” PDF

A good example is – The effect of Social Media on Students Performance PDF

  1. Read the Journals

Ya I know you might think this is really a simple thing to do maybe from the I explained it or from the way it sounds. But trust me it’s very necessary you listen to facts and details before starting the actual writing.

Make sure to take out time to go through all the Journals you have gathered make sure you readd them line by line to get an in-depth knowledge of your topic especially if reading for the first time.

If after reading the journals yet your topic isn’t still understood by you you could end up having a B or even less which is definitely not look good on your GPA since its credit unit is always big.

Since all you did was just to write what you don’t understand. You writing what is not known to you means everything that you’ve penned down is actually strange to you and it might not even correlate with your topic or even if it does, you might not still be writing down the fact needed.

Hope You understood that? if not be free to use our comment section.

After reading through all the journals make sure all the pieces of works and sources you’ve gathered including asterics etc. which are those essential parts you are sure and not guessing! Which would make a good and perfect reference in your project.

With your smart Gadgets such as a smart phone, Pc’, ipad’s and tablets you could color those parts on the journals you know will very well add up to your project.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

  1. Writing Your Introduction for Your Approved Topic

The introduction is a very important aspect in a project work. Like without a good and proper introduction of the topic then the whole work could be considered invalid. And I know this is the part majority of students really wants to know about.  The introduction is usually the Genesis (Chapter 1) of the project writing.

And its of great importance since it’s the first part your supervisor or anyone would want to read and believe me if its trash and even if the other part is ok which I doubt because if the foundation is wrong the whole building is definitely wrong too. In order to encourage your project supervisor even want to read forward your introduction has to be all correct.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

The Introduction is like an ink in a marker without it you already know the maker is of no use. So be sure to getting it right before the starting or proceeding with the work.

The project introduction has to be an introduction indeed meaning it has to give a perfect insight of the topic covering what the topic is all about and its importance of it to its audience.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

Your one and only assignment is making sure your audience has a blueprint of the topic knowing it’s aims and objectives. Like a project should be able to show clearly what it solving or seeking after

All human has their aims and objectives so should your project. Skipping or not including the aims and objectives in a project could reduce your supposed mark even if your project supervisor forgets to draw your attention to it.

Let’s use this as an example, A student writing on The Advantages of Mass media on university students. This is how your introduction on the first paragraph should look like “Mass Media has been regarded as” a diverse array of media technologies that reach a large audience via mass communication”. Its influence is seen majorly among university students. (Definition gotten from

Mass media has always been of great advantage to students in the university. The advantages of social media on university students cannot be overemphasized since it has shown to be great tool which has been of great use to students since it has been a source of information exchange and communication and we all know every human being in this life needs information to survive, you can’t just do without information. And Students basically needs information to pass their exams, attend lectures etc.

Hope you’ve seen a brief intro into the? Like how it should look like.

And secondly you might be wondering how many pages should the introduction be like. Very simple, if given guideline for your project work in the university, then the total number of pages in a every single chapter will be given to the student.

If you have not been given a guideline, just be sure the introduction is between 5-10pages max.

The sub topics for the Introduction

Students might not know that the introduction has subsections which could individual students to become more productive when they are writing introduction.

We will explain the important subsections that should be included in your introduction and which must be included in your introduction so as to make it easy for the student to understand and go through when reading.

  • Background of Study

A lot of student’s mix-up the word introduction and background using them interchangeably. We won’t forget the fact that both has similarities yet there is a boundary which differentiate them.

The background generally is what we could refer to be the basics of a particular research. The backgrounds should be able to breakdown to a lay man what the entire research is all about?

  • Objectives of the study

Here, what the project is set to achieve, like the main goal of the study which you are undertaking. Thus, the student/researcher should not make things complicated while writing the project. The major thing is for you to summarize all what the project is expected to achieve in not less than two-three lines.

  • Statement of Problem

The statement of problem here refers to the difficulties which a student has seen in the process of carrying out the research?  it is a process of describing an already existing problem which needs to be sorted out or given recommendation to. It gives the researcher a view of the project topic in which he/she needs to look from.

  • Research Questions

Research questions are those questions in which a research topic is supposed/expected to give answers to. The choice of research questions is an essential element of both quantitative and qualitative research.

For a student to be able to write a quality research question, he or she needs to undertake a literature research so as to be able to have a clue of the perfect research questions you outline and also provide the right answers to them.

Research questions are not guessed work and maybe finally providing answers to suit it.  The research questions have to be the perfect ones such that it is worthy of attending to regarding the actual context of the research?

  • Hypothesis

Hypothesis means bringing out ways of proffering correct answers to the out listed research questions. In which at the end of it you go with what appears to be the suitable answer or result to your research. Like it involves making a good guess of what the answer would be.

Definition of hypothesis: hypothesis is an assumption, an idea that is proposed for the sake of argument so that it can be tested to see if it might be true.

Also, it’s also a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.


  1. Literature Review – Usually chapter two

In a project research the literature review is always a survey of everything the students have written about a particular topic, theory or the research question. The literature review provides the bases for a broader work and it could also stand alone. It’s means more than just one list of sources. An effective and quality literature review analyzes and also it synthesizes every information concerning the key issues or subheadings

The literature review is seen to be the aspect in which you outline areas which has undergone research in previous years.

Just like a researcher asking a question like: What has been discussed on this topic before?

Literature review in general helps you know what researchers have discovered during their research on the topic. Which help guide you avoid the flaws other researchers encountered during their research on the topic.

Why Should I write A literature review?

  1. To learn about what has been discovered before on the topic by other researchers.
    2. To understand what each of the sources contributes to the topic
    3. To know the relationship which exist between the various contributions, detect if possible, resolve contradictions, and determine queries and questions that have been left unattended.

What will it take to write a literature review?

  1. Students have to research- In order to discover what is already written about the topic
  2. A critical appraisal- which helps in evaluating the literature and also helps to determine the relationship which exist amongst the sources and also to be sure of what has already been discovered and what there is to be done.
  3. Writing – students have to put into writing to explain what they have found

Underneath is a snippet taken from a literature review on Malaria in Pregnancy in Nigeria

Malaria is caused by the parasite plasmodium which can be spread to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. Of the five types of plasmodium (P. Falciparium, P.Ovale, P. Malaria, P. Vivax and P. Knowlesi), the plasmodium falciparium is the deadliest and affects the lives of almost  40 per cent of the world’s population with pregnant women and children  under-five years of age being the most affected.

  1. Methodology

This part called the methodology is where the researcher discuses on the method the research topic was carried out, the type of equipment used and how the process was carried out.

The process is very simple to understand since it has to do with the processes you went through to attain the result. The methodology is a very important aspect of the research project. Without the methodology the researcher it might not be said the researcher conducted the research in the proper way.

The methodology will help the project supervisor/audience to have confidence in the result which is presented by the researcher.

At times to be able to undertake an experiment, there ae several methods in which you could obtain your result as a researcher. With the knowledge of these, it is therefore paramount that you explain to your audience the method you utilized which gave you the researcher your conclusion

Be sure to discuss the method you used to your audience systematically and also out list their limitations using the same method mentioned in your introduction.

  1. The Result and Discussion

This is the page you discuss the results of the experiment you carried out. The result could either be statistical so it could be required by the researcher to explain the figures to his/her audience and also have a not to long discussion about each result.

Here, the researcher is expected to discuss with respect to existing works/researches carried out already by other researchers.

How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria

  1. The Conclusion – usually the Chapter 5

This part is usually the last section of your research topic in your finals. Here, the researcher is expected to make a summary of everything discussed starting from the first chapter to chapter 4 of the project research. Also, it requires you making known to your audience what your conclusions where at the chapter 4 which includes the results and discussions.

Lastly the reference, this is the part in which you must list out all the sources, resources and works you consulted while writing the research project


Your finals usually seem to be the toughest with regards to the stress and projects you have to write, yes writing a final year project is always not an easy task but students are encouraged to put in their best efforts into writing their project research so as to avoid being kept in school leading to your colleagues graduating before you because of a single project


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