NYSC: How to Replace A Lost NYSC Certificate

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NYSC: How to Replace A Lost NYSC Certificate

NYSC: How to Replace A Lost NYSC Certificate.
Hello Readers, welcome once again to my page!
In my previous article, I wrote about the possible way of changing your NYSC PPA, if you didn’t read it, you can open my profile above to read it. Today I want to focus on how to retrieve a lost National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Certificate.
Why Is NYSC Certificate So Important?
The NYSC Certificate is a very important document that you will need for job-hunting after your service year. In fact, it is one of the most important requirements for employment in any Government Organization.
How Can One Lost His/Her NYSC Certificate?
There are many unforseen circumstances that could possibly make someone loose his/her NYSC Certificate. It may be as a result of fire accident, misplacement, flood, robbery, etc.
When any of the above-mentioned things happens, all you need to do is request for a replacement of the lost Certificate by visiting  your Institution of graduation and collect a Letter of Notification which will be addressed to the Director-General of NYSC. This letter of Notification should be taken to the NYSC Secretariat that issued the Certificate to you together with your Court Affidavit, a photocopy of the lost Certificate if available, Police Report and a Photocopy of International Passport (For Foreign Trained Graduates).
Although the NYSC management may not reprint the exact lost Certificate to you, there is something else they will give you and it is called “Letter of Confirmation”, and this can be used anywhere in Nigeria.
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