NYSC: How to Verify your NYSC Certificate

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NYSC: How to Verify your NYSC Certificate

NYSC: How to Verify your NYSC Certificate
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Over the years, many organizations that  recruit employees can attest to the challenges they face in selecting genuine and authentic applicants. This was not so, until the recent trend in which many people started submitting fake documents and credentials for employment consideration.
 The documents that are always seen being formulated falsely by some desperate Applicants include but not limited to; NYSC Certificate, Exemption Certificate,  Discharge Certificate, etc, thereby sidetracking the aims and objectives of the Program.
Sequence to this, the NYSC management had introduced a method of Certificate Verification in which fake and falsely formulated NYSC Certificates can be detected and differentiated from the original and verified ones, in order to put an end to the illegal acts which had been sidetracking the program’s integrity. It is therefore necessary for every Corp member to verify his or her certificate after completing his service. There are basically two methods to do this, the manual method and the online method,  in this article, I will discuss on both methods.
Note: The management only verifies the following Certificates: Letter of Exemption, Discharge Certificate and Letter of Exclusion

Steps for MANUAL Verification of NYSC Certificate

1.First, a letter of “Request for Verification” should be written by the Corp member addressing the Director-General of the NYSC in Abuja, with a bold inscription of “Attention: Director (Corps Certification)”.
2. In the above Letter, ensure to include your active email address, phone number and a valid residential address.
3. Make sure you have the photocopy(ies) of the Certificate(s) you want to verify attached to the letter above. Ensure to arrange the photocopied Certificate(s) in their order of importance and number them serially with a marker pen. Then visit the NYSC Headquarters at Abuja to submit your letter to the Registrar of the Director-General. You will receive a response as soon as possible.
Steps for ONLINE Verification of NYSC Certificate
This is for Corp members who live far away from the Headquarter’s office in Abuja. If you are in this category, do the following to get your NYSC Certificate, Exemption letter or Exclusion Letter verified without visiting the Headquarter’s Office.
1. Visit the NYSC Official verification portal via this link https://verify.nysc.org.ng/
2. Click the verification button
3. Login with your username and password. If you’re a new user, select Signup to create an account
4.  Once you have successfully logged in, you will be required to make a payment for subscription to verify your Certificate using your ATM card.
After you’ve completed the steps above,
You will receive a response about your NYSC certificate verification status.

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