Rivers State University Set To Re-open Campuses

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Rivers State University Set To Re-open Campuses

Rivers State University set to reopen Campuses on Monday 5th October, 2020. It is no longer news that the whole world had been in a lockdown for the past 9-10 months now. Due to the dreaded coronavirus pandemic otherwise called the COVID-19. This was witnessed in the closures of Shops, Hotels, Churches, Mosque, Airports and Institutions all over the world.

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And as such, the River State University situated at Nkpolu – Oroworukwo in River State, Nigeria https://www.schoolwhat.com/category/school-news/

was not an exemption. It could be recalled that institutions embarked a  compulsory COVID-19 break early February this year. Since then, all academic Activities was suspended and all students were asked to go back home. Since then, a lot of students have been crossing their fingers pending when they will be called back to their prestigious citadel of learning.
As days goes by, an increase in the number of affected COVID-19 patients in the country kept increasing and this led to the lost of hope towards resumption of institution this year.
But all thanks to God and to our health workers who have fight this battle with all amount of sincerity and thus giving the people and the entire students community a great hope of not only surviving the pandemic, but also going back to Campus.

Rivers State University Set To Re-open Campuses

Based on this new development, the Rivers State Ministry of Education through the Honourable Commissioner for Education, Prof. Kaniye Ebeku has pegged October 5th as the reopening date for  all schools in the state.
This was made known by the River State Commissioner for Education, Prof. Kaniye Ebeku in a meeting he had with the VCs of Universities, Rectors of Polythecnics as well as owners of other Private tertiary institutions in the state.
In the same vein, the management of the River State University has announced Monday 5th October, 2020 as its resumption date for the continuation of its First Semester 2019/2020 Academic Session.
This was made known to the general public, parents as well as the entire students through a  memo signed by the Registrar of the University Prof. Boma Magnus Oruwari,
 after the Senate Emergency meeting that took place on the 29th September, 2020.

Rivers State University Set To Re-open Campuses

However, the Senate designated 5th to 9th October for revision classes to all the returning Students in phases starting from Final year students (year 5) to the those in year 1.
After the revision classes, the First Semester Examinations  for 2019/2020 academic session will take place in the following order:
I. Final year Students (year 5) start on Monday, 12th and ends on 16th October, 2020
II. Year 4 Students start on Monday, 19th and ends on 23rd October, 2020
III. Year 3 Students start on Monday, 26th and ends on 30th October, 2020
IV. Year 2 Students start on Monday, 2nd and ends on 6th November, 2020
V. The finally, Year 1 Students start on Monday, 9th – 13th November, 2020.

Guide-Lines For Resumption

Furthermore, the information on the rest of the activities for 2019/2020 session shall be made known to all the members of staff of the Institution as well as the students in due time through the School Academic Calendar.
Students are advised to use this opportunity to pay their fees and also register their course immediately as failure to do so will affect such student negatively.
In addition, It is advised that all students should pay adequate attention to all the COVID-19 preventive measures which include:
Wearing of Face mask
Constant washing of hands
Use of alcohol based hand sanitizer
Social Distancing
Avoid handshaking
Subject themselves to temperature test.
I wish you all the best as you start your examination soon and pray that you Excel in your forthcoming examination and come with flying colors.
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