Scholarship Schemes for Nigerian Students

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Scholarship Schemes for Nigerian Students

Scholarship Schemes for Nigerian Students

Are You schooling in Nigeria?

And you’ve been seeking for scholarship for Nigerian Students, congrats you are at the right site .

We been able to seek for more than 500 Scholarship opportunities for Nigerian Students especially for Undergraduates, Masters and PhD Aspirants.

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The Federal Government Scholarship Awards


And the Scholarship schemes available for Nigerian Are divided into 2 major categories. Consisting of:

  1. Internal Scholarship scheme sponsored by the Nigerian Community for the Undergraduates, Masters and Phd for Nigerian Students
  2. And with, the International Scholarship Schemes for Nigerians

Where the Scholarships comes from (sponsors)?? includes and not Limited to the under listed names.

  1. From the Federal Government of Nigeria scholarships for Nigerian students
  2. From the State Government scholarships for Nigerian students
  3. From Oil companies Such as Exon Mobil etc. scholarship schemes for Nigerian students
  4. And other sources of scholarships

We’ve took out time to provide below the list of available and ongoing scholarship schemes for Nigerian Students.

This list is not only Limited to Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria but it includes international scholarship opportunities for Students and aspirants In Nigeria.

Best Scholarships Schemes available for Nigerian Students to Study within Nigeria

  1. The NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarships Scheme
  2. The KPMG Nigeria University Scholarship Scheme  Program
  3. The NNPC/SNEPCo National University Scholarship Scheme
  4. The NITDA Postgraduate Scholarships programme
  5. The Oando Graduate Accelerated Scholarship Scheme Programme
  6. The NNPC/Eroton JV Undergraduate Scholarships Programme
  7. Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship Scheme for Nigerian Undergraduate, Masters and PhD for Studies Overseas

The available scholarships for Students In Nigeria are fully funded for all successful aspirants, it takes care of their tuition fees all through their year of studies.

Best International Scholarships Schemes for Nigerian Students

  1. United Kingdom scholarships Schemes for Nigerian students
  2. American Fulbright Student/Scholars Scholarship Programme for Nigerian Students
  3. Japanese Gov. Scholarship Scheme for Undergraduate, Research & Masters students In Nigeria
  4. DAAD In-Country / In-Regions Scholarship programme for Sub-Saharan African Students
  5. Now Open: Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for Students from Nigeria
  6. Postgraduate Scholarship Schemes for both Ghanaian and Nigerian Students in United-Kingdom
  7. The Free International Scholarship Scheme for Students Schooling in Nigeria: Nigeria Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme – United-Kingdom
  8. Scholarship Scheme for Nigerian Students Includes the: Singapore Scholarship Scheme for Nigerian Students
  9. Interested students Aspiring to study in China: Chinese Government/African Union Scholarship Scheme for Nigerian Students
  10. The Global Ambassadors Scholarship Programme for Young Leaders in Nigeria
  11. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme for all aspiring Students studying in Nigeria
  12. Another available scheme: Singapore Scholarship Scheme for Students in Nigeria
  13. The University of Dundee Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for All Aspiring Students from Nigeria
  14. Also is the University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PDF) Scholarship Scheme for all Aspiring Nigerian Students.

Visit the Site for other Scholarship Programs

The list of the available and current scholarship Schemes for Nigerian students is very much open for application.

Which includes all undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship schemes in Nigeria, Nigerian scholarship, and also the  international scholarship Schemes in other parts of the world.

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