See 3 Things You Must Do First Before Going For NYSC

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See 3 Things You Must Do First Before Going For NYSC 

See 3 Things You Must Do First Before Going For NYSC.

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Before going for NYSC Registration, it is important that you pay attention to these preliminary Requirements.

Before registering for NYSC, it is mandatory that all Home Trained Graduates (i.e. those who studied in any of the Nigerian Higher Institution) should ensure that they verify all their details and ensure that they are correct and correspond to the one they uploaded on the NYSC portal.

1.These details verifications should be done using this NYSC Official link

2.Before registering, all Home Trained Graduates must ensure that their names are in the Senate and Academic Board Approved Result lists that was submitted to the NYSC BOARD by their institution of studies. Those who do not see their names will not be able to register for the programme.

3. All Graduates are advised to have a functional email address before going for the Registration. If you don’t have an email address, you can use 2 minutes to create one for Free before going for the Registration.

REMEMBER: All home trained graduates are required to use their correct

matriculation numbers during the Registration Exercise.


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