Top 5 Secrets of Getting Admission Easily into Any University

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Top 5 Secrets of Getting Admission Easily into Any University

The University system, just like every other organizations has its own Admission padlock which will only take a smart and intelligent candidate to unlock it by selecting the right key from the bunch of different keys presented to him.

The padlock here represents the secrets of getting Admission into any University in Nigeria. While selecting the right key here signifies the ability of the candidates to make good and appropriate decisions from the beginning of the admission journey.

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Good decision making is however not as simple as one may thinks. That is why I publish this article to guide you through and unveil Top 5 Secrets of Getting Admission Easily into Any University. (either private or public University) in Nigeria.

Top 5 Secrets of Getting Admission Easily into Any University

Top 5 Secrets of Getting Admission Easily into Any University. Getting admission into your desired University is not out of the question. But however, it will be very thought-provoking and requires tedious determination.

To make the process less difficult, kindly read these top secrets to improve your chances of getting admission into your desired university.

1. Apply Early

There is a popular saying that early birds get the worm. This implies that One who arrives first has the best chance for success. One of the secrets of getting Admission into your dream University. Is by applying as early as possible. Infact it is advisable to be among those who apply on the first few days immediately after opening the admission application portal.

You should watch out for the date the school will open, the portal for application and key in immediately. To do this, always visit some reliable sites like and probably bookmark it. Then you refresh the site on a regular basis to get updated once the application is out.

Another way of getting a first hand information is to subscribe to this page with your email address, you will receive notification as soon as the Admission portal for your Institution of choice is open.

Most students do subscribe to some sites via their phone numbers in order to get updates once their school announces the application date.

So any method that is suitable for you, ensure to use it. Immediately you know that the application portal for your dream University is open, visit any cyber café to be among the first batch to register because the early birds catch the worm.

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2. Indication of Interest

This involves the student’s indications of interest in his or her desired Institution. You can do this by regularly going to the school, you may even decide to join classes even though you have not been admitted yet. Having Interest in a particular school will motivate you to study hard so as to get admission there.

If you have a dream school, visit their website regularly and read the announcement or any notice they publish. You can join the social media group for Aspirants of that Institution, this is where you will see some useful information and notices that are essential for your Admission journey.

However, if you have any question or inquiry to make, always visit the schools Official Facebook page and ask them the question, they’re ready to answer. This will serves as a guide during your admission process. Also Remember that all institutions want to improve their wards intake, which is the proportion of admitted students who enroll.

 3. Get Your Recommendation Letter from a Reputable Individual or Organization

Another secret of getting Admission into the University of your choice is to have a recommendation letter signed from a reputable public figure.

You may not know how this may work, but it is advisable to get  a recommendation letter from someone who is outstanding in the community or It is advisable to obtain your recommendation letter from a very reputable public figure.

A good example is your local Government chairman, Your church leader, any top Level Civil servant, Senators, etc. All you need doing is ask the for a recommendation and they will write an enthusiastic letter for you.

Being recommended by such a top personality will give you an advantage because all Institutions want to enroll good quality students into their Institutions.

4. Proofread Your Application

This is necessary to correct every mistake you might have made while filling your form. Ensure to go through your details and correct things where necessary before finally clicking on that SUBMIT NOW button.

If peradventure, you submit the application with wrong detail or any mistake, it will take you time before it is corrected, sometimes it might even affect your Admission consideration.

Another important thing you need to consider is using one O’Level result. By all means, try and avoid using combine results. Most Institutions always consider Applicants who use single result as compared to those who use combine results.

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5. Choose a Dream Course

This is one of the most important decisions you have to consider before embarking on your journey for admission into any University in Nigeria.

It is a common belief that every candidate wants to study one of the most lucrative, more competitive and high ranking courses in the University, such as Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Microbiology, Accountant, Law, Biochemistry and so on.

All these courses I have listed above are the most sought-after courses in every Institution and admission year, therefore because of this, the law of demand and supply which summarizes that “as demand increases, the price will also increase” will inadvertently be applied, implying that the admission requirements such as the JAMB Cut-off point, the aptitude test score etc. will be raised above the average requirements for admission into the Institution to study these courses.

It will only take a very smart and intelligent candidate to meet the admission requirements of these courses, while an average candidate who chose any of these high ranking and competitive courses may be left out because he or she may not be able to meet the requirements.

The secret to get admission easily is for individual candidates to assess themselves and know their capabilities, in terms of making a choice, I would advise an average candidate to look for any simple, less competitive and attractive course with less admission pressure and apply.

This doesn’t means that the candidates are less intelligent. It just means that applying for such less competitive courses will give them a better chance of being admitted. Instead of competing with the other high ranking courses and at the end, lose admission.

6. Choosing an Institution that you will have a better chance of being admitted

Another secret of getting admission easily is to choose a potential Institution that will consider your application without much stress. Protocols and specific requirements.

Although Admission process is always free and fair. But some Institutions are notable for the incessant frustration of applicants even though they have meet all the admission requirements.

So to avoid this menace, applicants should apply for those Institutions that they will have a higher chance of being admitted. For instance, most Institutions give more attention to indigenous students first before considering non-indigene students from other states.

This means that non-indigenous applicants may have a lesser chance of being accepted except they perform perfectly well and outstanding in both JAMB and aptitude test.

The secret to get admitted easily is for applicants to choose schools that they know will favor them. Most times, a school in your state may favor you more than schools outside your state.

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7. Scoring above the University’s JAMB Cut-off Point

This is very important, scoring above your school of choice’s. Cut-off Mark gives you the advantage of securing an admission into the University.

For example, if you choose to study Computer Science in the University of Uyo. And the Cut-Off Mark is pegged at 180. The secret to get admission easily is to score above this Cut-off Mark. A score of about 200, 230, 250, 280+ etc. will give you an advantage over others who scored between 180 to 199.

If the Institution wants to give Admission based on the JAMB Cut-off Mark. It is Students who scored 280+ to 200 that will be considered first. Before picking others that scored below that. So while preparing for your JAMB, target at least 250 and above.

8. Making your desired School both First and Second Choice Institution

This is another secret of getting Admission into the University. Most Universities do not like it when applicants make them second or third choice. Some will not even consider you for admission. So to be in the right path, ensure you put your desired Institution as your first choice.

Infact it is better to put them as both your first and second choice institution. This is one of the big Secrets of getting admission into the University easily.

9. Having your Complete Documents and Relevant Credentials

Another secret of getting Admission is to have complete documents and keep them handy. Before applying for admission into any Institution, make sure to keep your Certificate of Origin, SSCE Certificate, Birth Certificate, Medical Report, etc. readily available.

In summary, the secret of getting admission into any University in Nigeria very easily include; choosing a simple and less competitive course, scoring above the school Cut-off Mark.

Choosing a school that will give you a better chance of being admitted, having all the relevant documents and making your desired school a first choice Institution. With these, you will get admission very easily into any Nigerian University.

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