What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

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What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

After knowing where you are posted to through the call up letter and you are moving over to the National Youth Service corps Camp to heed the Clarion call!!!

There are many items you need not forget and you have to go along with when leaving for the orientation camp. Schoolwhat have taken out time to give a breakdown of every items needed for NYSC camp, every essential thing you need for camp is under listed and it’s contains some lifesaving Tips.

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After being deployed for NYSC camp, during your preparation to leave for camp not minding the batch you belong. Here is the essential requirement you need to go with and they are compulsory and you wouldn’t be given entrance into the National Youth Service camp if you don’t have them with you.

Approved Requirement By NYSC

Your CALL UP LETTER: The call up letter is the important document you need to go with to because it’s very important for registration and it also serves as an evidence that you aren’t impersonating someone.

They will get it from you and not return it, there’s actually no need to be afraid if this occurs. It is important you don’t forget this under any kind of circumstance, even if you have to forget something it shouldn’t be your call up letter

Hint 1:

If you want to go with the print online which is N3000 then make sure the cyber café you are going to has laser printers and not the inkjet printer. Reason being; Documents which are printed with the inkjet printer are more affected and easily damaged by water.

So, to be on the safe side since one can never predict what could happen the next second on the road or inside the NYSC camp. It’s pertinent have your documents laser printed if you want it to last long. But in the absence of a laser printer, you can make use of any printer.

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Second Hint:

Do not laminate your call up letter!!!

Its importance can never be overemphasized, you protect it as if your life actually depends on it. For the time being. And know that you are likely to be sent home if you ever forget it.

And if you mistakenly laminate your call up letter then you will be faced with a critical condition, you could be sent back home or luckily be pardoned after begging for many hours and maybe days. To avoid this unpleasant scenario be sure to make enough copies of this letter before heading to camp

What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

Third Hint:

Always have this in mind that you can reprint your call up letter online If you selected the print online option which is N3000. There will be persons running mini cafes in camps where you could make and get print copies of your call up letters.

Prices over there in camp are usually on the high side so buckle up. Also, you can get to attach all your needed documents (Electronic copies) as draft to your personal Email, this will allow you and give you flexibility to reprint them anytime you need to.

Document for Registrations: Foreign students are expected to bring along their original credentials they uploaded online (to the NYSC Portal) for face-face verification and evaluation

The Green Card: It come along with your bio-data both the print and the signed copy being signed.

  1. Your final Year Student IDENTITY CARD
  1. A Notification/STATEMENT OF RESULT from School
  2. PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR Personal DOCUMENTS: You will be required to make about 5 photocopies which is required, you will find several photocopying machines will be seen around in the NYSC at the mammy market but what you have to have at the back of your mind is that the prices are x2 of what you would get outside camp.
  3. Bring Your PASSPORT: Make sure to take many photo passports in white background at least be with 20 of it. Since you will be needing them for different kind of registrations in camp such as the religious groups, sports, redeployment, opening a new bank account etc.


The Forms that you will receive are very easy to complete. Be sure to attach your passport where it’s necessary and complete them correctly. After the whole registration a state code number will be given to you, which will act as your pin throughout your whole service year.

What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

Second part :

  1. CERTIFICATES/LICENSES: For those in the medical field: Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, are to take with them proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy are required to have with them their Certificates of Registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and also the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN).
  2. Carry Along STATIONRIES: such as pencils, pen, sharpeners, staplers and a perforatorYeah, you might not see any need for this but trust me it saves time and save you from begging.
  3. Carry with you “My CLEAR BAG”:  Every document mentioned should be conveyed in a portable water proof bag or envelop to save guard your documents from damages, mutilation and losing them.

Tip: Some NYSC camps normally seize one’s staplers at the entrance during check-in process. If you are to carry it in do not forget to put enough pins in the stapler.

You also will be handed over meal tickets will enable you gain access to the NYSC Camp kitchen for the period of 21 days. If you misplace it, be sure to feed yourself. Even if you do not intend to make use of it, you will surely come across someone who would happily receive it

Tip ii: After receiving your NYSC State Code Number (which you would have to hang on your neck all through your stay in camp with your Identity Card) you can thereafter proceed to claim your NYSC Kit and Mattress then proceed to find your allocated Room. After securing your kit and an allocated space in the hostel, you can thereafter settle down and are good to go Join the Military parades.

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Please make sure your kit: 

1.An NYSC Crested Vest

  1. A pair of Khaki Trousers

3.Cap and Jacket

4.White T-shirts

  1. Pairs of Knickers

6.pairs of green-stripped Stockings

7.A Pair of Orange Jungle Boots

8.One Pair of White Converse.

9.A “Belt” is also included.

Your Everyday Requirements in the NYSC Camp

  1. A WHITE T-SHIRTS Specifically The ROUND-NECKED: This is one essential outfit in NYSC camp in fact in majority of the camps around it is the only authorized outfit allowed and you are expected to appear on it throughout your 3 weeks stay. Even when going to church, you might as well not be allowed to wear any colored clothing.

You would be gifted 2 pairs of white t-shirts in the camp to clear all doubts which would not size you especially the extremely slim and small in size people. So, to be on the save side you can bring with you extra pairs (6). Reasons? You probably might not have time or the energy to wash every day throughout the week after being stressed out from the parades.

What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

Tip: Do not bring with you more than 2 pairs of colored clothes cos you won’t be needing them.

  1. WHITE SHORTS: Please make sure to come with your own pairs of white shorts o. The camp management will give you 2 pairs of shorts which the quality of the material is extremely poor in fact it tears at will and you know what that means and secondly you know how frustrating it could be having to wash every day, to avoid putting on a dirt or thorned short come with extra 4 pairs of white short
  2. PLAIN WHITE SNEAKERS: This is one among the very important outfits. The camp coordinators will dispatch ugly pair of a very poor-quality white canvas NYSC customized. It’s either you aren’t given your size although you could find a fellow corp member with your size and exchange.

Trust me after the first wash it could start to worn out. So, endeavor to bring your white sneakers with you. They sneakers are also sold in camp but make sure to get yours before entering camp if not you will be buying at x2 price of the fixed price– same goes with everything sold in the Mammy market – since they know you don’t have an alternative but to buy from them.

What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

If the weather should change and you happen to go to camp during the rainy season (Batch ‘B’ & ‘C’), will be given a white rubber sneakers or boots, most especially if one is posted to the Southern part of the country, the parade fields and the mammy market will be messed up during and after the rains.

Rubber boots were brought into action in Kaiama Camp, Bayelsa. Batch ‘B’ in 2013

  1. WHITE SOCKS:Dear Just bring extra pairs of white sucks if you don’t want to be washing every day.
  2. PADLOCKS:You could either bring your padlocks or be sure to buy from mammy market. Be security conscious at all time, lock your boxes and bags to avoid an ‘’Had I KNOW KINDA SITUATION” which will surely end in premium tears. You know nothing hurts more than loosing a phone or your well calculated money.
  3. WAIST POUCH: The bum bags are comfortable since it gives you much flexibility which allows you take-on a task without having to support them with your hands. And it could house a lot of your valuables such as phones, pens and money.
  4. A Well MOSQUITO TREATED NET: Trust me sickness is the last thing on your mind in camp and Especially Malaria infestation which would make you miss out of the whole fun. Just make sure to come with a treated mosquito net and bring ropes in which you will use to hang it. It also helps hide your properties from thieves
  5. Self-administered drugs: Bring along with you drugs like paracetamol, allergies drug, menstrual pain relief pills, nausea relief pills, antibiotics etc.

What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

You might have heard the camp always have its clinic but trust me it most at times not well stocked with enough medications. It’s carried that a corp member once donated up to a million-naira worth of drugs to the Lagos state NYSC camp clinic and just few days later said they ran out of drugs.

  1. Bring ANTISEPTIC And DISINFECTANTS: antiseptics Such as Dettol, Izal etc. are very necessary to bring along since the bathroom condition might not be so comfortable especially since you will be using it, then it’s pertinent for it to be hygienic enough in other for you not to contact and infection from using it. And also, the water from the borehole might not be good enough for bathing so in other to make it good for bathing you need disinfectant to purify it
  2. DETERGENT: You could get this at the Mammy so as to reduce the amount of luggage you’re bringing into the NYSC camp. Also, if you’re to stay in a better camp the mammy market will have vendors which carry out laundry services! It normally costs about N50 per clothing, and N100 for your khaki trousers or jacket since it’s heavier in weight, extra N50 if you want your cloths ironed even though prices vary across camps.

Tip: Your Bucket: Buy your bucket at the Mammy market there’s no need to stress yourself taking a bucket to NYSC Camp, which you will surely be leaving behind after the 3 weeks elapses

Toiletries:  Make sure to own your personal toiletries such as Tissue Paper, Sanitary Pad (for the ladies), soap dish etc. All available in the Mammy market.


  1. Come with your clean towels
  2. Come with a PAIR OF SLIPPERS: You could either choose to buy or bring from home.
  3. Come with your Bed sheets, Pillow Cases and A Pillow. Come with the mentioned items if you don’t want to sleep on a naked matrass, just know you could find them at the mammy market if you want to cut down on your load.

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  1. HANDKERCHIEF. There will be pool of sweating. Save yourself and get a pack of these.
  2. Food Packs: Come with your food packs in case you wish to get food from any fast-food around especially if love to eat good food, to satisfy your taste for good food make provision for it.  To be frank the food at the NYSC camp kitchen is nothing to write home about it’s only on rare occasions you would enjoy good foods usually on Sundays but the rest of the days is uhm mm. You can also get food at the mammy market so do well to come with extra cash and beverages and cereals to serve as breakfast.
  3. BEVERAGE: All what the camp will supply you with is “Tea-water” or ‘brownish -water’ so you can make your tea!

What are the items needed for NYSC camp?

  1. Bring Along FLASHLIGHTs and RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: Since some camps, do not have adequate light provision except at specific time of the day. Since you would require to see your way through to the bathroom at night in situations where you are pressed and also you will need light if you have to do anything late into the night. The mammy market always has light till their closing hours which is usually 10pm except on rare occasions such as the camp fire night where there is always light till 3am in the morning which is entirely dependent on the camp commander. You are being charged a little fee to charge your lamps there.
  2. Some medium of entertainment: You could bring with you Novels for people who loves reading and get your self-game pads for use on your pcs to play virtual computer games mostly for the guys or chess. Your music player and headphones for keep ypu high minded
  3. Your sunglasses toto protect your eyes from sun yet still a rare ban would help.
  4. Get extra phone batter(ies) and extra Network SIMs and also A power Bank: Since some network providers are not always stable and also poor at some camp locations as they’re usually located in remote locations, far away from town centers.

Immediately you get your call-up letter, you can always find out from already serving corpers which network is the best at the camp and also find out if there is enough data access but there is a lot of improvements nowadays by the service providers since they know the revenue they could generate from camps located in rural areas where they camps are usually located.

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