What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?

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What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?


We will be treating questions Like:

What is the JAMB Regularization?

Is jamb regularization compulsory?

How long does it take for jamb regularization?

How do I check my jamb regularization?

How much is jamb regularization fee now?

What is required for jamb regularization?

Jamb regularization has continued to be one big question in the minds of candidates and it’s normally confusing at times. It’s something that took me some good period of time to understand what it really is and why it is pertinent I should do it.

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What is the meaning of Jamb Regularization?

What jamb regularization means is just the process of reconciling of one’s OND or HD or NCE or HND admission between your current institution and the Joint admission and matriculation Board (JAMB).

You might also ask Do basic studies students also do Jamb regularization?  The answer is YES also students from basic studies programme are expected to do their Jamb regularization even if they did the basic studies in the same institution.

Example if you did basic studies in uniuyo and still applied for uniuyo , after getting admission you are still expected to do your jamb regularization for the purpose of reconciliation.

And also note: JAMB regularization is also called LATE APPLICATION on JAMB official site.

Jamb regularization is also important in scenarios in which you got admission into a previous school, polytechnic, college of education… it is possible that you did not take a jamb exam nor receive an admission letter from the Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB). This means you don’t possess jamb registration number at all and also the institution you are studying at didn’t notify Jamb as a body of your admission

Is jamb regularization compulsory?

Know this and know peace. Jamb regularization is not only compulsory but it’s a process you can’t do without.

This process is not a Joke o, it could be that you are not aware of that without doing your regularization you can’t get a direct entry form nor even go for your National Youth Service Corps camp and will not serve.

Proceed with these underlisted steps to know if you are required to do Jamb regularization or not

What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?


Follow the steps below to know whether you are to do Jamb regularization or not:

1.Log unto www.jamb.org.ng

  1. Hover down to the year you wrote your Jamb
  2. Hover on the Check admission Status
  3. Enter your JAMB no. and then click on Enter

You are expected to receive a message, indicating your details also your school, passport and the course you studied in ND or NCE or HND. And if you saw your admission details, then there is absolutely no need to regularize. Just proceed and apply for the Direct entry.

In a scenario you received a message saying: Sorry no admission is given yet” just know you need to regularize before you can apply for direct entry and also NYSC.

How will I Do My Jamb Regularization

First Step

  • You have to create your Jamb profile or if you had an existing profile then all you need do is login with your profile. Click here to create your personal profile
  • From time to time you will have make use of both you email and password to sign in into your account?
  • Immediately you have been logged in you will be taken to the landing page where all available services are displayed.
  • Then you select “Late(retroactive) application”. This option is always seen on the sidebar in the site.
  • Once you select this, then automatically the menu item “Late application will be shown. Then hover on it.
  • After you’ve selected this service, a transaction ID will be automatically generated for this service. Which will be shown on the confirmation page screen.
  • Cross-check the details shown on the confirmation page. Make sure to take note of the transaction ID which is usually shown in a bold red font. This I.D is usually useful for all future reference’s purposes relating to the transaction. A copy of the transaction will be sent to your official email address.
  • Hover on the continue option if you would love to continue payment with Card without wasting time. But if you wish to use other medium of payments like direct bank transfer through the Atm, cash at the bank or the Quickteller … please the important thing here is for you to keep the transaction I.D safe and be able to present if and when required.
  • On the Interswitch page for payment, all you need do is input your correct card details and then proceed with the payment by clicking on the pay button.
  • Your payment status will be shown on where you have My Payment section you will also automatically receive a SMS also with an email which contains your unique transaction I.D
  • Once payment is done; the following will be required from you a). Exams year and Jamb Reg number.

What is the meaning of JAMB Regularization?

  • After providing the right details, the application form will be automatically displayed. All you need do is complete the application form online and take note of compulsory fields.
  • Hover on the submit to finish your application
  • After a successful submission, a form called indemnity from will pop up which requires you printing it.
  • You are required to complete the form and take it to your institution for approval.
  • Your institution alone is given authority to submit the approved form to the Joint Admission and Matriculation board (JAMB) state office
  • When once the form is received by JAMB, it is then uploaded to your jamb profile and you will receive a notification as soon as the uploading is completed.
  • Your application will be processed by JAMB. If it is approved then changes would be made to your details as required


How long does it take for jamb regularization?

It doesn’t take time but the submission process to Jamb by the school could make it add up to 2-3weeks it depends on the institution

How much is jamb regularization fee now?

The amount for the process is usually (5k) five thousand naira but just budget 8k-10k

Deadline for Jamb regularization?

There’s usually no deadline for regularization I can remember I did mine in my final year. All you have to consider here if using direct entry is just the direct entry closing date.

N/B same process applies to prospective NYSC corpers who really wants to go for NYSC but are faced with Jamb regularization issues.

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