World Neglected Tropical  Diseases Storytelling Competition

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World Neglected Tropical  Diseases Storytelling Competition

Artists (Young artist) and Speakers Worldwide are all welcome to tell the world the importance of fighting Neglected tropical Disease (NTD), or tell the world how their individual country/geographical region is bringing the NTD to an End.

Aspirants are to send in their multimedia stories of the fight against NTD in their individual Country or Geo-Region and stand a chance of winning prizes up to two thousand five hundred dollars (2,500USD).

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The stories could range from personal stories which is explains to an individual who has never had the opportunity or who has not been privileged to hear about these diseases: know the meaning of tropical disease.

And why people should guard against NTD, why participants that individual countries and the communities in the world needs to fight against the NTD and put an End to the Neglected Tropical Disease.

Participants ideas needs to be able to kindle an action in the minds of the Competition organizers All entries should be titled as a global rallying cry to end Neglected tropical diseases.

World Neglected tropical  Diseases Storytelling Competition Categories

There is no limitation attached on the form and also to content of the Entries, adding up the most creative and inspiring story.

Video– Entries about 5minutes length can assume the form of Vlogs, short movies, interviews, mini-documentary

Audio – Entries within this faction should be at most 5minutes Length, and could be in form of a music or interviews, could be a poetry, narrative or speech and others.

Digital- All contents should be only come as an either a single artistic/Infographic image-drawings, could be an animation and others.

Text– Written Entries should come as a maximum 1,500 words for prose, poetry or reporting etc.

Competition Eligibility

This competition is open to all participant or groups from all Country, and the age limit for this competition is from 15-30 years of ages respectively as from the 1st of January 2021.

All participants or participating teams are to submit a single entry in each of the category and also participants are not allowed to enter both as single person and also as part of a team.

Competition Prizes for the Neglect Tropical Disease Program

Only 3 prizes are available to be won in each of the category:

  • 1st Competition prize: $2,500
  • 2nd Competition prize: $1,500
  • 3rd Competition prize: $1,000
  • Also (12) winners and (7) other finalists in each of the category will also in addition receive certificates of recognition and a position in the featured compilations.


How Entries are to be Submitted for The Competitions

 Files are to be uploaded to the Links made available, which will include the category and the name in your file and make sure to complete your details (contact details) on the Submission forms online, mentioning your contact details with the file name.

Competition Deadline

All submission of forms closes at 11:59pm on Sunday the 17th of January 2021 and the panel of Judges will then proceed with reviewing of entries on the 18th of January. Finalist and Every successful participant will be reached out to no later than the 25th of January 2021.

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